BRANZ Appraised Stealth Roof Windows are for use on roofs of buildings to provide natural light into interior spaces. Stealth Roof Windows are available in a range of sizes or can be custom made to order. They feature thermally-broken aluminium frames suitable for use with profiled metal longrun, metal tile and low slope membrane roofing. Stealth Roof Windows are available as a fixed roof window or as an opening roof window which can be used to provide ventilation. Stealth Roof Windows are designed to be installed in raised (curb) mount applications and are factory glazed using sealed double-glazed insulated glass units (IGU’s).

The bold, sleek appearance of the Stealth Roof Window was designed to allow consumers to break the confinements of the generic products available on the New Zealand market.

We’ve partnered with handpicked suppliers, their proven track record in delivering quality products stands behind our new Stealth Roof Window range. The extrusions supplier has their own recycling facility, unique in New Zealand, offering the most environmentally sustainable product in the market.

Our window operators were selected in the same way. Only the best Italian design has been employed and the supplier has over 50 years of history providing innovative solutions. The Stealth Opening Roof Windows can be supplied with insect screens and rain sensors as an example of our approach to providing a complete and durable solution.

Unlike our competitors we provide opportunities for customisation. As a standard throughout, we offer the highest performance glass available. Toughened double glazing, using a warm edge spacer, Low E glass and Argon gas inside the airspace. There are a range of options for tinting the glass, using laminates and providing an easy-clean coating or painting the edge of the glass unit so that you can’t see the wet-glazing system.

Select or design the roof window you want for a project and let us do the rest!


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Stealth Window Elite








The Elite range of Stealth Roof Windows from Steelformers allows the architect, designer or homeowner to design a roof window of any dimension and colour up to a size of 1.2 x 2.4 metres. The Elite range of roof windows can be made to measure and ordered either with fixed glass or an opening sash for ventilation. This made to measure service is perfect for replacing existing glazing or dome skylights with millimetre perfection.

The Elite range of Stealth Roof Windows can be optioned so that the exterior portion of the framing can be colour matched to the roofing iron, while the inside can be colour matched to the ceiling.



Stealth Window Standard








With the same properties as the Elite product, Stealth Roof Windows are offered in a range of standard sizes and one colour to provide a substantially shorter lead time.

These windows come in a Matt Black and the 3 most commonly used sizes to cover your immediate needs. Like our Elite range, all the same glass specifications are used, the same control gear for opening windows and the same quality approach.

The sizes (height x width, determines where drainage is) and types available are:
*580 x 780mm (fixed only)
*980 x 780mm (fixed and opening)
*1380 x 780mm (fixed and opening)


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Warranties & Maintenance
Stealth Roof Windows warrants that our products, Fixed and Operable Roof Windows, are free from defects of workmanship and/or material for a period of time as stated below from the date of purchase.

Stealth Fixed Roof Window
Stealth Roof Window Components: 10 years
Insulated Glass: 10 years
Powdercoating – Duralloy®: 10* years

Electric Opening Stealth Roof Window
Stealth Roof window components: 10 years
Insulated Glass: 10 years
Powdercoating – Duralloy®: 10* years
Motors/sensors: 3 years
Controller: 3 years

*Powder coating has specific care requirements when close to breaking surf or geothermal areas. Duralloy® states it’s only applicable greater than 100m above the high tide mark. Maintenance must be carried out on a quarterly cycle, washed with warm soapy water for the warranty to remain intact. For properties below the 100m mark from high tide specify Duratec ®

What is not covered by warranty? Stealth Roof Windows is not responsible for:
*Defects or damages occurring due to improper installation, cleaning, transit damage, accident, natural disasters, misuse or any other circumstances beyond the control of Stealth Roof Windows.
*Condensation and any water damage resulting from condensation.
*Products subjected to stress from localized application of heat, movement of building components, expansion or contraction of buildings framing products
*Accessories, flashing or other materials that are installed not in accordance with the Stealth Roof Window installers guide, or if the installer is not a practicing licensed building practitioner


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Appraisal No. 981 (2018)