Taranaki Steelformers Ceiling Batten System is easy to install and manufactured using 0.55 BMT Galvsteel® from New Zealand Steel, ensuring product durabilty and zero shrinkage.

The Custom Cut Ceiling Batten System can be custom cut to the required lengths, which saves on product wastage and labour to install. Being light weight makes for easy installation and having the dimpled surface prevents screw movement. The Steelformers Custom Cut Ceiling Batten system is your efficient choice.



The Steelformers Custom Cut Ceiling Batten System is a tried and tested system, used frequently for new home builds around the Taranaki region. The Ceiling Batten, C-Channel and Clips are manufactured from steel sourced from New Zealand Steel and complies to AS 1397:2011.



The Steelformers Custom Cut Ceiling Batten system is manufactured in a controlled factory environment which ensures consistent quality of our products.



Contact a Steelformers sales representative for technical advice.





Steelformers can run two different dimension Ceiling Battens, manufactured in our New Plymouth branch and transported region-wide.

The 22mm Ceiling Batten is a shallow trapezoidal top-hat steel section with double folded flanges. Steelformers manufacture the 22mm Ceiling Batten in set 6 metre lengths, out of the same 0.55 BMT Galvsteel® material. The Ceiling Batten can be direct fixed, but also fits our C-Channel and Batten Clips.








The 35mm Ceiling Batten is a deep trapezoidal top-hat steel channel section with double folded flanges. Steelformers manufacture the Ceiling Battens to order. Simply provide us with the quantities of each length required and the install location so that each Ceiling Batten can be cut to the exact length and labelled for easy on-site identification. Lengths of up to 10 metres can be transported by our New Plymouth fleet and up to 12.7 metres by our Stratford fleet, thus eliminating the need for joiners.










The C-Channel is formed from the same 0.55 BMT Galvsteel® material as the Ceiling Batten and is supplied in 6 metre lengths.












The Batten Clips are pressed metal tabs, sourced locally from New Plymouth and are manufactured from 0.95mm galvanised sheet steel.











Installation of the Steelformers Custom Cut Ceiling Batten System must be completed by, or under the supervision of a Licensed Building Practitioner with the relevant license class.



10x16mm Wafer Head screw for fixing C-Channel to the truss or joist.
3.2mm Galvanised Rivet or Wafer Head screw for fixing Ceiling Batten to C-Channel.



Ensure to use a string line or laser level to determine a level ceiling line.

– Install the Batten Clips using 32 x 8G wafer head screws into timber or Steeltite 12×20 screws for steel. The Batten Clip shall be installed to support the ceiling batten at intervals specified in the table below.

– Install the C-Channel using 10x16mm wafer head screws into timber and Steeltite 14×20 screws for steel. The C-Channel can be fixed to the top plate with the longer leg at the bottom so that the end of the Ceiling Batten can slot in. Fix at maximum 1200mm centres.

– The Ceiling Batten can be fixed into the C-Channel. If cutting of the Ceiling Batten, be sure to use tin snips or an angle grinder. Note, abrasive cutting could damage the galvanised coating.

– The Batten Clips are to be fixed to the side of the truss or ceiling joist. Initially, use the central fixing slot so that the clip can be adjusted up or down to achieve a level ceiling line. Once level, secure the Batten Clip firmly by utilising the other available fixing holes.


Note: The Ceiling Battens can be end joined by butt joining where the ceiling battens meet the supporting framing.



Because of Taranaki Steelformers’ policy of continuous product improvement, the company reserves the right, at any time and without notice to discontinue or modify designs, features and other specifications of their product. Taranaki Steelformers reserves the right to either temporarily or permanently withdraw any such product from the market without incurring any liability. Taranaki Steelformers disclaim any liability for loss or damage suffered from the use of such material as all information is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of publishing. As this is only issued as a general guide, it should not be treated as a substitute for detailed technical advice.