Manufactured to order means the Taranaki Steelformers Ceiling Battens can be custom cut to the required lengths, which saves on product wastage and labour to install. Being light weight makes for easy installation and having the dimpled surface avoids screw movement. The Taranaki Steelformers Ceiling Battens are roll-formed out of New Zealand Steels GALVSTEELâ„¢ 0.55 G550 Z275 product, which ensures durability with zero shrinkage. Taranaki Steelformers Custom Cut Ceiling Battens are your efficient choice.

Custom Cut Ceiling Battens from Taranaki Steelformers are manufactured to order. Simply provide Taranaki Steelformers with the quantities of each length required and the install location so that each Ceiling Batten can be cut to the exact length and labelled for easy onsite identification. Lengths up to 15m can be transported by Taranaki Steelformers.

Perimeter C-Channel is manufactured by Taranaki Steelformers and supplied in 6m lengths. Batten Clips are sold individually and are also available from Taranaki Steelformers. Joiners are not required with Custom Cut Ceiling Battens.

Ensure to use a string line or laser level to determine a level ceiling line. Perimeter C-Channel can be fixed to the top plate with the longer leg at the bottom so that the end of the Ceiling Batten can slot in to the Perimeter C-Channel. Batten Clips are to be fixed to the side of the truss or ceiling joist. Initially use the central fixing slot so that the clip can be adjusted up or down to achieve a level ceiling line. Once level, secure the Batten Clip firmly by utilising the other available fixing holes.

Span and Spacing Data

Truss/Joist Span (mm) Batten Spacing (mm) Lining Thickness (mm)
1200 600 13
1200 450 10

Recommended Fixings

10x16mm Wafer Head screw for fixing Perimeter C-Channel to Truss/Joist

3.2 Galvanised Rivet or Wafer Head screw for fixing Ceiling Batten to Perimeter C-Channel