Styleline is one of the most stylish roofing and cladding profiles available due to its strong visual appeal and bold shape. Steelformers Styleline, a five rib trapezoidal profile, is light and strong finding immediate acceptance in both domestic and commercial markets. Add value to your home or building with this modern profile – specify Taranaki Steelformers Styleline.

Our Styleline profile is available in a wide selection of materials with Alsynite clear sheeting available to match.



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Effective Cover: 755mm (approx)
Sheet Width: 810mm (approx)
Grades: 0.40mm BMT G550, 0.55mm BMT G550 and G300
Minimum pitch: 3°
Curving: Crimp curve options available (POA)
Application: Residential, commercial, rural, industrial – roofing and cladding
Manufactured in: Stratford
Available in: Zincalume®Galvsteel®Colorsteel® Endura and MaxxColorsteel® Dridex® and Dridex +®, Mill finish 0.9mm aluminium, ColorCote® AlumiGard (coloured aluminium, available on request – POA)
Sheet lengths: Styleline is custom run to order

Steelformers has the means of delivering lengths up to 16.2m long. Contact your nearest branch for further information.

Longer lengths can be delivered upon arrangement. Where long sheets are used, consideration must be given too:
*Delivery to site
*Site access for large vehicles and lifting equipment

All colours are available in Colorsteel® Endura and Colorsteel® Maxx. Please note that the colours below are indicative and will vary depending on your screen resolution and/or print quality. We recommend you request a sample from your nearest Steelformers branch.



















Be sure to contact a Steelformers representative to check stock levels of your chosen colour prior to ordering.

It is important to select the correct fasteners for your application. This information can be contained from one of the Steelformers sales representative or Konnect, our fastener supplier. The NZMRM Code of Practice also provides information on selection, fixing methods and patterns according to wind zones. It is important to ensure the fasteners are class 5 minimum, their durability is at least equal to the durability of the material and all screws have a neoprene washer and in some cases a load-spreading washer and EPDM.



Please note:
*Long spans may require the specification and use of side lap stitching screws
*Fixing aluminium roofing requires a 10mm oversized pilot hole
*Aluminium wall cladding can be pan fixed up to 8m, then crest fixed with washers and EPDMs for 4m (limited to a maximum of 12m)

As per the current NZMRM Code of Practice, compliance with E2/AS1 is dependent on the purlin spacing and gauge of material.


Recommended fixing patterns for residential applications for 0.40mm BMT roofing iron is as follows:

Fix every second crest with approved screws (and load-spreading profiled metal washers and EPDMs if required)





Top and bottom row: Fix every crest with approved screws (and load spreading profiled metal washers and EPDMs if required).
Internal supports: Fix 2 crests, miss 1, fix 1, miss 1 and repeat



*NZMRM Code of Practice 3.14.4 – Patterns
*NZMRM Code of Practice 3.14.5 – Wind Zones


*Maximum spans for Styleline with a 1kN concentrated load of G550 steel
*These should be reduced in high foot traffic areas or positioned to suit specific locations i.e. windy areas

Installation must be completed by, or under the supervision of a Licensed Building Practitioner with the relevant license class.

Check out the NZMRM Code of Practice by clicking this link, for detailed installation guidelines.

Past history and testing from Blue Scope New Zealand Steel and Pacific CoilCoaters on their products indicate that providing the correct product for the environmental conditions is used, Styleline installed in accordance with the NZ Metal Roofing and Cladding Manufacturers Association (NZMRM) Code of Practice, and maintained in accordance, will meet the performance criteria of the New Zealand Building Code. Note: The NZ Building Code durability requirements does not include aesthetic appearance.

Like all roofing and cladding products, Steelformers Styleline is subject to the cumulative effects of weather, dust and atmospheric debris. Careful and regular maintenance will extend the life of this product.

Click here to download New Zealand Steels Environmental Categories, Warranty and Product Maintenance recommendations.

For more information, check out the following links:
*New Zealand Steel: Technical Resources
*NZMRM: New Zealand Metal Roofing and Wall Cladding Code of Practice
*New Zealand Building Code: E2/AS1

Click the masterspec link below to view and/or download the most up to date Taranaki Steelformers work sections from masterspec website.




Because of Taranaki Steelformers’ policy of continuous product improvement, the company reserves the right, at any time and without notice to discontinue or modify designs, features and other specifications of their product. Taranaki Steelformers reserves the right to either temporarily or permanently withdraw any such product from the market without incurring any liability. Taranaki Steelformers disclaim any liability for loss or damage suffered from the use of such material as all information is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of publishing. As this is only issued as a general guide, it should be not be treated as a substitute for detailed technical advice.