Taranaki Steelformers can provide a range of roofing and cladding profiles and flashings in 0.90mm BMT mill finish aluminium. We can also manufacture 0.9mm arctic white flashings from our stocked 1200 x 2400mm flatsheets.


Mechanical fasteners, whether rivets or screws, are available in aluminium. Where the use of aluminium fasteners is plainly unsuitable, e.g. self-drilling screws, stainless steel is normally regarded as the best alternative.


Contact with other materials
In general, direct chemical attack of aluminium only occurs when the pH is below 5 or above 8.

Contact with other metals can result in corrosion due to galvanic reactions. Copper, steel, stainless steel and lead will all cause attack of the aluminium alloy. Contact with zinc will cause the zinc to be attacked.


Regular cleaning is required to maintain an unaffected surface for good aesthetic quality in industrial and marine environments.

This can be achieved naturally by rain washing but surfaces not adequately washed by rain must be cleaned by water washing and scrubbing with a soft brush at sufficient frequency to prevent build up of salt or dirt deposits. In severe marine locations the washing frequency may be every 4-6 months for surfaces not washed by rain.