Steelform 147 Fascia is used on both eave lines and gables in conjunction with most of our gutter profiles, providing a quality and attractive Fascia and Gutter system.

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Manufactured in: New Plymouth
Material options: Colorsteel® Maxx 0.55mm BMT (please note, this product is not suitable for ‘Very Severe Marine’ locations – see NZ Steels Warranty and Maintenance literature)
Lengths available: Fascia is custom run to order, in lengths up to 8m
Bracket type: Internal system formed from 0.95mm galvanised sheet steel

Contact with, or water run-off from dissimilar materials such as lead, copper, or stainless steel should be avoided with any Colorsteel or Zincalume product. In particular, avoid discharging copper spouting or downpipes from upper storeys onto lower roof sections.










The basic Colorsteel colour range applies. However, please check with a Steelformers representative prior to ordering as it may not be stocked in our range. Colours can be ordered in but have a minimum order quantity, therefore may incur a premium.

Please note that the colours below are indicative and will vary depending on your screen resolution and/or print quality. We recommend you request a sample from your nearest Steelformers branch.



















Steelform 147 fascia is supplied on a ‘Supply and Fit’ basis only (working alongside Central Roofing, our chosen, certified team of installers.

Download the following documents for setout details:
*Metal Tiles and Metal Longrun Roofs
*Concrete Tile Roofs

Products selected and maintained in accordance with Steelformers and New Zealand Steels recommendations on environmental categories, will meet the performance expectations in regards to durability as expressed in the New Zealand Building Code. Note: The NZ Building Code durability requirements does not include aesthetic appearance.

All products are subject to the cumulative effects of weather, dust, salt and other airborne deposits. In order to ensure the maximum life of the product, the property owner should note: normal rain washing will remove some atmospheric debris but manual washing is required for areas that do not receive adequate rain washing, specifically the underside of spouting and the fascia surface which is sheltered by the spouting attached.

Click here to download New Zealand Steels Environmental Categories, Warranty and Product Maintenance recommendations for exact details of maintenance requirements.

For more information, check out the following links:
*New Zealand Steel: Technical Resources
*New Zealand Building Code: E2/AS1



Because of Taranaki Steelformers’ policy of continuous product improvement, the company reserves the right, at any time and without notice to discontinue or modify designs, features and other specifications of their product. Taranaki Steelformers reserves the right to either temporarily or permanently withdraw any such product from the market without incurring any liability. Taranaki Steelformers disclaim any liability for loss or damage suffered from the use of such material as all information is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of publishing. As this is only issued as a general guide, it should be not be treated as a substitute for detailed technical advice.