Corrugate is one of the most commonly used roofing and cladding profiles available. Corrugate, being light and strong, finds immediate acceptance in both domestic and commercial markets, with traditional appeal, ease of use and a relatively low cost. So whatever the choice – drape curved, bull nose, laid horizontally or vertically – let your imagination run wild with Corrugate from Taranaki Steelformers. Our Corrugate profile is available in a wide selection of materials with clear sheeting available to match.

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Minimum pitch: 8°
Manufactured in: Stratford
Sheet lengths: Corrugate is custom run to order





  • 0.4mm G550 (BMT)
  • 0.55mm G550 / G300 (BMT)

Suitable Fasteners:

  • Timber: 60mm Weatherseal Spiral Rolled Nail, 12x55mm Timbertite Screw
  • Steel: 12x45mm Steeltite Self Drilling Screw
  • Walls: 12x25mm Timbertite, 12x20mm Steeltite

Maximum Span:

  • 0.40mm BMT: End of roof<900mm Intermediate<1200mm
  • 0.55mm BMT: End of roof<1200mm Intermediate<1600mm