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Colorsteel® Dridex® creates drier and healthier internal environments, appropriate for roofing only. Key features include:

*Available in two grades, Dridex® is recommended for moderate environments and Dridex+® is recommended for severe environments (determined by your sites proximity to the coast, geothermal and industrial areas)
*A layer of anti-condensation fleece is on the underside of each sheet which keeps the roof dry by absorbing water
*Reduces mould and other pollutants associated with asthma, and other respiratory tract inflammations and allergies
*Available in all standard existing Colorsteel® colours. The fleece colour is grey, similar to the grey primer on the underside of standard Colorsteel® products


Please note that the colours below are indicative and will vary depending on your screen resolution and/or print quality. We recommend you request a sample from your nearest Steelformers branch.



















Be sure to contact a Steelformers representative to check stock levels of your chosen colour prior to ordering.



Please note, this is a guide only and all information is retrieved from NZ Steel. For more in-depth information, click this link to view the Colorsteel® Dridex® website or download the brochure:
*Colorsteel® Dridex®: Raising the Standard of New Zealand Roofing



Limitations Of Use
Colorsteel® Dridex® products are designed for use as roofing products only. All Colorsteel® Dridex® must be installed by an accredited installer. Before using Colorsteel® Dridex® products near sources of industrial pollution or in geothermal areas, consult a Steelformers representative.

Colorsteel® Dridex® products should not be used in the following applications:
*All cladding
*Embedded in concrete
*In contact with permanently wet materials
*Water tanks
*In contact with soil, bark or similar
*As concrete formwork
*In intensive animal shelters
*Buildings with very high internal humidity such as indoor pools
*Shelters and buildings where fumes are generated such as fuel stations

Adequate ventilation must be provided in all applications. Additional conditions apply for skillion (mono pitch) roofs, this is covered in the Colorsteel® Dridex® accredited installer training.


Warranty and Maintenance
Colorsteel® products are produced and warranted by New Zealand Steel. The warranty is dependent on two important factors:
*Having the right product for the right environment
*Ensuring you maintain the product as per the Colorsteel® mainetenance recommendations.


Please ensure you enquire with a Steelformers representative to ensure you have chosen the right solution for your environment.



To find out more information on Colorsteel® Dridex® Warranties and Maintenance, download NZ Steels brochure by clicking on the link below:
*New Zealand Steel: Environmental Categories, Warranty and Product Maintenance Recommendations